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Jan 15

Jennifer Vazquez – Website Release, Music Video Release!

Jennifer Vazquez, former Acting Center student just launched her new website AND will be releasing her latest music video “Getting Out Of My Own Way” on January 28th!

Fifteen-time ASCAPlu$ Award Winner Jennifer Vazquez is an infectious triple threat: inspirational singer/songwriter, vibrant musician and illustrious performer. Her sound and energy resonates three fold with pop, folk-rock and country audiences worldwide. Two of her songs – including her new single “Getting Out Of My Own Way,” produced by Ron Zabrocki – are featured in the hit HBO comedy, “Sleeping With The Fishes,” starring Golden Globe Winner, Gina Rodriguez (CW’s “Jane the Virgin”), along with Ana Ortiz (“Ugly Betty”/”Devious Maids”).


Nov 14

Student Spotlight – Nicolas Suter

The Acting Center Student Spotlight Banner
.Nicolas Suter
Nicolas Suter - Student Spotlight

Acting Center student Nicolas Suter is a working actor. He is also 14 years old. Every time we turn around we are seeing his face in national commercials for brands such as Twix, Comcast and Walmart. We caught up with Nicolas and asked him about the Acting for Young Adults class and how it’s helped him get his career off to a running start.


Q) You have been studying at The Acting Center for over three years. What do you enjoy the most about the class?

A) I enjoy how creative it lets me be, and how much I can be myself… whatever that is on that particular day. It’s also nice to have a place where what you create doesn’t matter; you can go in that class and just feel free to let loose.

Q) What have you learned from The Acting Center that you use in auditions and on set?

A) I have learned how to break down characters, using the script as well as the character breakdown the director gives me. I’ve also learned how to use the script to convey the feelings and emotions of the character and not just say the words.

I also realized how to focus in my auditions. Sometimes when you go into the room, people are talking and whispering to each other, coffee mugs are flying all over the place and the casting director is talking at 1000 MPH. It can be easy to get distracted, but The Acting Center taught me that it’s best to simply be yourself, calm down, not rush yourself, and then go into character. Even if you’re doing it very slowly, if that’s how you feel the character is doing it, then that’s how you do it. Go at your OWN pace.

Q) What is the most valuable thing you have discovered at The Acting Center?

A) I’ve learned I can be whoever I want to be, however I want to be, wherever I want to be. I’m able to walk into an audition room, with confidence that I’m going to be the character in my own way. I’m not anxious about “doing it wrong,” or that “someone else did it better,” or having any “demons in your head,” is truly quite empowering.

Q) What would you say to other young actors looking for a great class?

A) The Acting Center is an awesome place where you can study acting, and do it how YOU want to do it. It’s one of the most fun, exhilarating, and simple techniques and classes. At every audition I’ve ever booked, I used The Acting Center’s technique down to the letter!

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Nov 14

The future is bright for our new location and our 8th Anniversary Magic 8 Ball!

On November 8th at 8 PM, The Acting Center celebrated our 8th Anniversary in our new location on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks. It was a great party in Acting Center style with great food and great music. Marion Ross came by to wish us a happy anniversary and we had many students and friends in attendance to party through the night!

Oct 14

8th Anniversary Celebration


The Magic 8 ball.

Celebrating The Acting Center’s 8th Anniversary

Saturday, Novermber 8th at 8pm

Will there be dancing? It is certain.
Will there be music? You may rely on it.
Will there be food and refreshments? It is decidedly so.

At our new home:
14801 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403

Will you join us? Sign point to yes.

Leave your ball gowns at home. Casual attire.

Oct 14

Madison Bruneohler at Video Game High School Premiere Party

Our own Madison Bruneohler at the premiere party for Video Game High School Season 3 with series regular Ellary Porterfield. Watch for Madison in this series! Congrats!

Madison Bruneohler

Oct 14

Student Spotlight – Sundra Oakley

The Acting Center Student Spotlight Banner
.Sundra Oakley

“Imagine living in a cave all your life, then someone walks you out of the cave and you realize there’s sunlight, wide open space, and options galore around you…that’s how I feel about coming to The Acting Center!.”

-Sundra Oakley, Actress, TNT’s Legends


From Sex and the City, Lost, Parenthood and Touch, to House of Lies and Suburgatory, actress Sundra Oakley’s TV credits read like a list of your favorite shows. With her most recent guest-starring role on TNT’s Legends, Sundra is continuing on her path of success.

We talked with Sundra about confidence and how important it is for an actress. She told us that The Acting Center has really changed her confidence level and allowed her to be more certain in auditions, so much so that she looks forward to them now.

“The Acting Center has done everything for me in terms of confidence! I’ve learned to trust myself, believe in myself, and my choices. Prior to beginning my studies at The Acting Center, I gave away so much of my power in my auditions by wasting precious time and energy wondering if I was doing what they want, if they liked me, if I was good enough… all that stuff that has no business being in your head. Before The Acting Center, I’d get my sides and my stomach would do a mini flip as those fears immediately seeped into my brain. Now? I get my audition material and my attitude is, ‘Bring it! Let’s do this, kid!’ I look forward to playing. I’ve said it many times–because of what I learned at The Acting Center, I finally tapped into the heart of why I first loved acting. I knew the love was there but after years of that love being polluted by bad advice, excessively unnecessary criticism, and the like, I just didn’t know how to access it. Now I do.”

She told us more about the audition process and how The Acting Center technique has become invaluable in her auditions, as well as on set after she books the job.

“Being taught to just be the character has got to be the one thing that has revolutionized my audition and on-set life. Hands down! Those three words alone have given me a sense of joy, play, and control of my work that makes auditioning fun! And when I’m on set, I haven’t had to worry whether or not I can deliver what the scene calls for. Once I’m truly being that character and not relying on tricks or tools that essentially have me disengaged from my scene partner, and the ‘here and now,’ I’m honestly tuned in each and every time. That freeing feeling is priceless.”

Sundra is an experienced industry veteran, so we were curious what made her training at The Acting Center such a different experience and why she felt that it rejuvenated her and her love of her craft.

“I always felt like a complete novice, and not in a healthy way. What stood out to me at The Acting Center, is the balance of empowerment and support that is given to the actor, along with guidance. At other acting schools, I’d see the students’ inner flame (including my own) extinguish to a mere oxygen-deprived flicker under the heavy and constant gust of criticism (by teachers and fellow students). This led to extreme insecurities and to doing work that would become ‘safe,’ just to be accepted and given approval. At most other schools, they seem to pride themselves on proclaiming that they are not there to hold your hand and give you a pat on the back, that this business is hard and we better toughen up now. I used to think, “But if we’re not given an arena to just learn, that attitude is cutting us off at the knees before we even have learned to walk!” Now imagine having been born and living in a cave all your life, then someone walks you out of the cave and you realize there’s sunlight, wide open space, and options galore around you—that’s how I feel about coming to The Acting Center! They give you your acting life so you can then go on to build your acting career confidently, without that constant nagging feeling that your every choice is going to be ridiculed to the ground. You are emboldened to throw all the paint on the wall and create and, if your own internal gauge tells you to, even ‘recreate’ your own masterpiece.”

With everything Sundra has had to say about how the technique has improved her acting and confidence, we asked about her overall career in Hollywood and if that has changed.

“Absolutely my career has changed! If nothing else because I finally feel that I regained my personal power that I (unknowingly) gave away at the beginning of my career. Honestly, I don’t think I ever realized I actually had that power. And by power I mean a sense of confidence in my work. The confidence factor is a huge game changer for me. Before I think I held on to this belief that I was just the lowly actor hoping and praying they’d like me, whereas now, I walk into the room with an attitude that I am a collaborator who has a unique gift to provide. And I can have that attitude with humility, gratitude, and grace.”

“I am truly grateful for being able to be a student of The Acting Center. Once I saw a quote that said something along the lines of, “Imagine what you could do if you knew you couldn’t fail.” With that feeling, the world is your oyster, and The Acting Center not only embodies that, it graciously gives that energy to its students.”

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Aug 14

Jim Meskimen Video Tribute To Robin Williams

As a tribute to Robin Williams The Acting Center student Jim Meskimen wrote a poem and then recited it in the voice of Robin Williams.

Jun 14

TAC Alumnus Jennifer Aspen Launches Web Series “Los Angeles Right Now!”


The 6 episode web series is available today on YouTube!
Check out the first episode below:


This new web series follows the career of Evelyn Stanhope, a late night public radio show host played by Aspen, whose life and career are on a comic descent off the air.

The Los Angeles RIGHT NOW! team is heavy with Acting Center talent. Joining co-creators Jennifer Aspen & Acting Center co-founder Christopher Smith (who also wrote the series) are Acting Center alums David O’Donnell (Producer), Tyler Parkinson (Co-Director/Music), Kelly Meyersfield (Co-star) and Acting Center Executive Director April Biggs (Associate Producer).

Aspen co-starred in ABC’s hilarious dramedy GCB, alongside Kristin Chenoweth, Leslie Bibb, Annie Potts, Miriam Shor and Marisol Nichols. Created by Robert Harling and set in Dallas, Jennifer played “Sharon Peacham,” former beauty queen turned wife and mother who deals with the pressures of being perfect by stress-eating. Jennifer also played Olivia Holt’s overprotective Mycologist/Monster hunter mother in the Disney original movie Girl Vs. Monster, which premiered last Fall. Jennifer recently had guest starring roles in the CBS comedy, “Two and a Half Men” and the NBC drama “Harry’s Law”.

May 14

Student Spotlight – Gino Montesinos

The Acting Center Student Spotlight Banner
.Gino Montesinos

Gino Montesinos

“I’m humbled by the instant respect and admiration I get from producers, directors, and casting directors because I am a trained Acting Center actor.”

-Gino Montesinos, NYPD Blue, Medium, Dexter, 24, NCIS


Gino Montesinos has been a successful actor for over 20 years. We asked him about the skills he has learned at The Acting Center and how those things have increased his abilities, changed his approach to acting, and ultimately his career.

“In terms of confidence, The Acting Center has been extraordinary for me. Even though I worked fairly regularly before The Acting Center, I had a ‘hit or miss’ approach. I had no real technique. You either have a fast, effective technique or you wing it and hope for the best. I don’t have to wing it anymore, my confidence in the audition and filming process has skyrocketed. ”

For an actor, imagination and creativity are keys to a real and believable performance. Gino told us how studying the technique at The Acting Center, and consistently using the drills, has changed him and opened him up to richer work.

“The drills I use from The Acting Center open up my imagination so that my acting comes from a real, true place, helping me to be the character rather than doing what I think intellectually the character would do.

Without exception, when I use these drills, the choices I make come from the true, organic place of me being the character and that is electrifying, exciting to watch, to experience, and have made me fall in love with acting again. So, quitting this glorious profession never enters in my head again as it has from time to time over the years.”

So how does this all translate to being on set and delivering what the director wants with confidence? With as much experience as Gino has, we wanted to know why things are different for him now that he uses the Acting Center tools in his work.

“Many directors don’t tell you exactly what they want, and that’s fine, because it’s not their job to act, it’s ours. With the Acting Center tools, I can instantaneously change direction. Whatever general feeling, idea, concept, hunch, that a director knows to be right when he sees it, but may not have the tools to help you get there, I can take their direction and give them what they want on a dime.”

We asked Gino for a specific occurrence of this and he told us about a recent audition he had for a multiple-episode, recurring guest star role on a major TV show. He only had an hour and a half to rehearse and prepare a page and a half long monologue. Using his Acting Center techniques, within an hour, he had a firm handle on the character.

“I knocked the casting director’s socks off, who said she was already seeing me in the part. She gave me one note and I instantly complied. She gave me a callback right in the room. I not only gave her what she was looking for, but more.  As I walked out, she hugged me and thanked me for an ‘awesome’ audition. She said ‘I started my day with Gino Montesinos and I get to end my day with Gino Montesinos’. That kind of compliment and support was very rare before I came to The Acting Center. Now, it’s much more common and I’m humbled by this instant respect and admiration I get from producers, directors, and casting directors because I am a trained Acting Center actor. Period.”

With so much experience in acting classes and show business, we wanted to know why Gino thinks The Acting Center is so different and why it works for him, as opposed to his previous studies.

“Other studies quite frankly were too complicated for me to fully grasp and I gave them up because they were almost useless on the set. I had to come up with my own solutions on the set and at auditions, which was very nerve-wracking. It’s not like that with The Acting Center. What I do in class translates 100% at auditions and ON THE SET.”


I am a very experienced actor. For all intents and purposes, I don’t really have to be at The Acting Center, but I’m not interested in just being a working actor. I am interested in illuminating the human condition through my work as an actor. I am also interested in leaving an artistic legacy that I can be proud of.


For the first time in my career since I made that decision as a young boy, that I wanted to do that as an actor, I believe I am beginning to make it happen thanks to the continual training and honing of the craft of acting that I get to practice at The Acting Center.”

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May 14

David Paladino with Minnie Driver in “Return to Zero”


Our teacher and alum, David Paladino, recently walked the red carpet at the premiere of Lifetime’s Return to Zero. David has a supporting role in the film that stars Minnie Driver, Paul Adelstein, Alfred Molina, Connie Neilson, Andrea Anders, Sarah Jones and Kathy Baker.

Return to Zero is the first Global Premiere for LIFETIME.

“Every once in a while, a film comes along that has the power to make a difference in the lives of others. ‘Return to Zero’ is that powerful and moving story that so many people around the world who have faced similar challenges can relate to,” said Christian Murphy, A+E Networks’ senior VP of international programming and production. “We felt it very important to present this moving film with such incredible performances from A-list stars as the first global premiere for Lifetime.” (

RTZ is the true life story of the films writer, director, producer, Sean Hanish. It’s about a couple who are devastated and break up after enduring a stillbirth but wind up reuniting when the wife becomes pregnant again.

Return to Zero premieres in the US & CANADA on SATURDAY, MAY 17th at 8pm/7pm Central on LIFETIME! Please check your local listings as times may vary depending on your cable or satellite provider.