What’s the difference between

a working actor and one who isn’t?

In intensive coaching sessions with an expert Acting Center Consultant, you’ll find out what’s standing between you and booking regular work. The Acting Center has consulted and trained hundreds of actors— helping them achieve success in the industry. Whether you want to do theater, television or movies, we’ll help you map a path with proven techniques, advice and years of experience.

The starter package

In four hour long sessions, you’ll learn the inside information that takes most actors years to piece together.

Everything you want to know about agents and managers

  • How to get representation
  • What’s the difference between the manager’s job and the agent’s job?
  • Should you try and land a “big-time” agent or is a smaller agent better?
  • Writing a cover letter that gets noticed

Get the inside track on unions

  • What are the various entertainment unions and how do they help you?
  • When should you join SAG?
  • How do you get your SAG card?

Learn pro tips on headshots

  • How to get a headshot that gets you work
  • Why do some headshots get attention and others get ignored?
  • How to choose the photographer that is best for you
  • The secrets to wardrobe, makeup and hair for your headshot

Preparing an effective resume

  • How to compose a resume
  • What to do if you don’t have any credits yet

Acting Classes

  • Is it important to be in an acting class?
  • What kind of class is best for you?

Putting your promo package together
In a one-on-one session, we’ll talk about and discover the main thing that’s stopping you from having the career you want—and how to overcome the obstacles you’re facing.

We’ll also review your Agent/Manager submission package, (headshot, resume, submission letter). You’ll get real-world advice on how to make it the best it can be.

Kids & Teens
Find out what the steps are to get Kids and Teens started in the industry. What is a Coogan account and how do you set one up? How do you secure a work permit? And more.

Cost: $400 Four hours

The career package

—contains everything in the Starter Package plus:

Demo Reels

  • Should you include commercials? Plays?
  • How long should your reel be?
  • What kind of music should you use?
  • What about DVD packaging?
  • Should you put your reel online?
  • What do agents, managers and casting directors look for in a reel?
  • Getting footage for your reel, if you don’t currently have it

Preparing a monologue

  • Help in picking out a monologue to perform for Agents and Managers—including supplying the monologues to choose from
  • A two-hour one on one coaching session guaranteed to improve your confidence in performing your monologue

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The complete package

—contains both the Starter Package and The Career Package plus:

The Acting Center Acting Classes

  • Get two months of the best acting training in Los Angeles at The Acting Center.

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Separate hourly rate

  • For $125 per hour you can select what you’d most like help with.

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What are actors saying about this service?

“This cleared up so much confusion on the Industry, it’s insane. I had gotten advice from so many people in the past about how to manage my career, but it seemed so overwhelming. I didn’t know where to start. I knew I had the skill and the passion, but I just felt like I was blindly fumbling along. I felt a little hopeless on my career. Now that everything is cleared up, I can’t BELIEVE I didn’t start sooner. It’s a very powerful feeling to know that not only do we all have the skills that it takes as an actor, and in becoming a character, but to take control of the direction of my career.” – LH

“Wow, this [service] was awesome! Super helpful. I feel like I can totally go out there and actually succeed. The best part was that it totally put me in the driver’s seat. Before, I felt very, sort of, “please like me,” to the industry, agents, managers, casting people, etc. I realized that is INSANE! …. I feel fully confident that I can do this! Takes work! But I can do it! I’m down to work!” – SS

“First-rate. Very comprehensive. I think it is very valuable not just for beginners, but, literally, unless you are a Megastar, you should take this [career consultation]. I work very regularly and am overdue to be a Name Actor and this info helped me… I am thrilled. I recommend this [service] to everyone.” – GM

“Awesome. Also, greatly informative, inspiring, fun, descriptive, simple, easy to understand, and above all, AWESOME. Filled in all the gaps, and left me feeling more confident and ready than I’ve felt before. Thank you for sharing all of your information. Rock On.” – WC

“One of – if not the – smartest choices I have made of my career so far. My viewpoint of the industry, my purpose, and my job here has drastically shifted…[The Career Consultant] understands the business and he understands actors. I love his no-bullshit attitude, and that every meeting is jam-packed with information…After the first consultation, I couldn’t stop smiling and called up people to share my happiness…thank you for verifying that I am the one in control of my career, thank you for making me excited about acting, thank you for telling it how it is and thank you for caring. I am so excited for 2011!!!” – AJ