Oct 14

8th Anniversary Celebration


The Magic 8 ball.

Celebrating The Acting Center’s 8th Anniversary

Saturday, Novermber 8th at 8pm

Will there be dancing? It is certain.
Will there be music? You may rely on it.
Will there be food and refreshments? It is decidedly so.

At our new home:
14801 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks, Ca 91403

Will you join us? Sign point to yes.

Leave your ball gowns at home. Casual attire.
(818)386-9099 classes@theactingcenterla.com

Oct 14

Madison Bruneohler at Video Game High School Premiere Party

Our own Madison Bruneohler at the premiere party for Video Game High School Season 3 with series regular Ellary Porterfield. Watch for Madison in this series! Congrats!

Madison Bruneohler

Jun 14


Test post left
Scene Study at The Acting Center - Acting Classes Los Angeles

Dec 13

“Adopted” Premieres In Los Angeles this weekend

Starring two Acting Center students, Jeff Larson and Gino Montesinos  (the co producer Erika Solsten-Larson is doing privates with David Paladino as well), this Los Angeles based project, “Adopted” follows Kofi (Brian Flaccus), a confused, adopted 16-year-old boy from South Africa, who finds his way to a recently married young American couple that are expecting an infant adopted child. This show follows this family in new stages of life that none of them are ready for which involves two recently married parents forced into giving their new high school son a sex talk, even though they are but 6 years older than him.
This television dramedy is extremely clever and witty. The production’s cast and crew started out small until the script started getting passed around to some of the actors listed above. Doug Jones was one of the first name talent to jump on board with Adopted and the rest followed suit.
The talented writer and producer duo of Jeff Larson and Erika Solsten-Larson are continuing to impress LA with their productions and were recently listed in HQ Magazine as the newest up-and-coming couple to watch in the film industry.
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption has partnered with Adopted and its crew. The foundation has agreed and been cleared to release every episode on their website and social media sites to share closely with the adoption community a show that seems “close to home.”

Oct 13

Friday Night Salon

Friday Night Salon - July 28th

Oct 13

Student Jim Meskimen is going viral again!

Student, Jim Meskimen, is going viral again!  Check out his new “Breaking Bad” spoof featured on the Variety web site.
Jim Picture

Sep 13

Young Actors Career Camp Performance

The Acting Centers Summer Camp for kids and teens show was a huge success. The young actors performed scenes, monologues, songs and improv  to a packed house. It was amazing to see what these kids could do after only two weeks of camp. The teachers did a great job!  Some of our former students of the summer camp have now joined our adult classes. It is so wonderful to see them moving forward with such confidence into there careers.

Tac Summer Camp1

TAC Summer Camp8

TAC Summer Camp15

TAC Summer Camp2

TAC Summer Camp14

TAC Summer Camp7

TAC Summer Camp13

TAC Summer Camp19

TAC Summer Camp6

TAC Summer Camp12

TAC Summer Camp18

TAC Summer Camp5

TAC Summer Camp17

TAC Summer Camp11

TAC Summer Camp9

TAC Summer Camp16

TAC Summer Camp3

TAC Summer Camp10

TAC Summer Camp4

Mar 12

The Arts Electives Classes Present – An Evening of Shakespeare and Improv

Arts Elective 2012 Flyer - An Evening of Shakespeare and Improv - The Acting Center

The New Village Leadership Academy presents:

Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 7pm
The Arts Elective Classes in An Evening of Shakespeare and Improv

Tickets – $5.00 (Students Free)

Live at The Acting Center in Hollywood!

Select Your Tickets

Sep 11

Jimpressions – Audience Testimonials

Sep 11

This is Our Youth – Interviews – Pt 2