Class Schedules

Classes are on-going with periodic start dates

Classes Time   Start Dates
  Scene Study
     Monday/Wednesday (Day Class) 10am-1pm 09/19/16 10/17/16
     Monday/Wednesday 7pm-10pm
08/29/16 09/28/16 09/26/16
     Tuesday/Thursday 7pm-10pm 09/13/16 10/11/16
     Sunday 1pm-6pm 09/11/16 10/09/16
     Scene Study (Intensive Study)
Intensive schedules are available for students who are coming in from out of town or students who want to get a lot done in a short amount of time. Call us to work out your special program. 
  Adult Improv
     Improv 101  
         Tuesday/Thursday (8 weeks) 7-10pm     03/08/16
     Improv 201  
         Tuesday/Thursday (8 weeks) 7-10pm 05/24/16
     Improv Advanced 08/02/16
There will be an improv show at the end of the improv classes where you can invite your friends to show off your new improv skills.
You will be amazed at what you can do at the end of 8 weeks!
   Fight Choreography Class:


7-9pm 08/28/16

        $25 per class

         unless holiday weekend

   Commercial Intensive:
        Mon-Thurs (2 weeks) May 9-19, 2016 7-10pm 11/07/16
  Acting for Young Adults Kids & Teens can start anytime.      
  (Ages 13-17) Call to register. 
         Saturday 10am-12noon
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