About The Acting Center

About The Acting Center
Founded in 2006 by a group of seasoned stage, television and film actors and teachers, The Acting Center is quickly becoming one of the most respected places to study acting in Los Angeles.

The Acting Center helps actors to gain control over their work, teaching them to rely on their own instincts, imagination and choices. Our scene study and improv classes produce confident actors who bring an original voice to every production.

In fact, the most distinctive thing about an Acting Center student is how different each one is. We train actors to speak in their own artistic voice—producing characters that are rich and layered. They become the artist they always wanted to be.

Theater, television and film are all collaborative mediums, so an actor must work well with other actors, directors, casting directors and many more. Our technique trains them to do just that! That’s why directors love to work with Acting Center students.

“The Acting Center is my trusted go-to source for world class actors. They’re definitely among the best actors I’ve ever worked with – and that quality is astonishingly consistent. Around town, the buzz on TAC is white hot. I don’t quite know their secret, but it’s working.” T.L., Director

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