Acting Center student, Grace Phipps, stars in Disney Channel’s upcoming “Teen Beach Musical”

Grace was whisked off to Puerto Rico to shoot the upcoming Disney Channel film which is a modern-day take on the classic beach musicals of the 1960’s. It’s about a surfer girl who is forced by her parents to depart for boarding school and leave her boyfriend behind. Instead, they wind up being transported into his favorite classic 1960’s surf movie musical, where they have to figure out how to fit in.

The movie stars Maia Mitchell (Mortified, which aired on Disney Channel Australia), Brady (Ross Lynch, from Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally), Garrett Clayton (Shake It Up), Grace Phipps (The Nine Lives of Chloe King), John DeLuca (Wizards of Waverly Place), Chrissie Fit (General Hospital), Kevin Chamberlin (Jessie) and Steve Valentine (I’m In The Band).

We are delighted for Grace and can’t wait for the movie to hit theaters in 2013!