Acting for Young Adults

Scene study and improv acting for ages 12-17

We are proud to offer this revolutionary acting class to young adult students. It combines our popular adult scene study technique with the power and fun of improvisational exercises. This class is ideal for young actors who are just beginning, and those who are already professional actors working in the industry.

A 10 week scene study class with a show for friends and family at the end.

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The primary difference between our scene study classes and other acting classes is that we do not employ “The Method” style of acting, or encourage the young actor to delve into past psychological trauma.

Instead, our technique fosters the teen actor’s imagination, empowering them to create exciting, real and memorable characters—without being hampered by having to re-experience past negative moments.

In this Los Angeles scene study class, the young adult actor will work on character building exercises that increase in difficulty as the student progresses. The student will also learn new ways to observe and gain insight into people, helping them to create even more compelling characters. Next, the student begins to work on experiencing and expressing genuine, nuanced emotions. With this strong foundation of skills, an actor can confidently and easily approach scripted materials as they begin monologue and scene study work.

Combined with our improv technique, the student will learn how to think on their feet, make strong, fast choices and roll with last-minute script changes, which are so common on commercial, television and film sets.

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Acting for Young Adults at The Acting Center