Audition Intensive for Actors

Audition Intensive

You may be the best actor in the room, but if you can’t nail the audition you won’t get hired and no one will ever know. Auditioning isn’t just luck.

What if you could walk into that casting office with confidence, knowing exactly what you’re doing and vastly increase your booking rates?

The Acting Center’s Audition Intensive teaches the secret to mastering the audition.

In this class you will learn the one thing that will convince a casting director to hire you.

You’ll also learn The Acting Center’s unique approach to:

  • Breaking down the script to find and create a real character
  • Learning to think the character’s thoughts so dialogue is alive
  • Making learning lines a breeze
  • Getting comfortable in front of the camera
  • Practicing auditions, callbacks and producer sessions
  • Learning to take redirection from casting
  • Learning to find the jokes in a comedy script
  • Creating a character that fits the universe of the show or film

 The goal is to create a real, living, breathing person that convinces casting that you are the character–and the person for the job.

“Before the Audition Intensive, I couldn’t wait to get out of the audition room. After this class, I can’t wait to get in the room!”

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This class runs for two weeks, Monday – Thursday from 7-10pm.

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NEXT START DATE:  January 29,2018


  • Monday – Thursday  7pm-10pm
    • Runs for two weeks
Audition Intensive at The Acting Center
Photo by Ray Kachatorian
Audition Intensive at The Acting Center
Photo by Ray Kachatorian

Ready to take your auditions to a whole new level?