Improvisation for Actors

Start Improv - July 11 2023 - The Acting Center

Get Started Acting at The Acting Center

The Acting Center teaches the improv techniques developed by Tamara Wilcox-Smith, member of San Francisco’s legendary improv troupe, The Committee. Students who have studied this technique: Jerry Seinfeld, Jim Gaffigan, Claire Danes, Gaby Hoffman, Jason Dohring and more.

Start Date:

July 11, 2023
Tuesday + Thursday
7-10 PM

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There will be an improv show at the end of these classes where you can invite your friends to show off your new improv skills. You will be amazed at what you can do at the end of 8 weeks.

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Imagination unleashed, Not “survival of the wittiest”

Improv is ultimately about imagination. This is the real goal of the true technique of improv – constantly increasing the freedom of one’s creative imagination. Once one understands this goal, one can start to see the breadth of possibility in improvisation training.

At The Acting Center, we’ve researched and uncovered the basic fundamentals and techniques of improv that make it easy for a student to master and use in their career. These techniques are taught to the actor one at a time and built into a simple and expansive approach applicable to any type of acting or improvisational situation.

In this class, you will gain confidence with:

  • ad-libbing lines as needed in auditions
  • bringing that extra spark on set
  • creating sketch work
  • exploring characters
  • preparing characters and material for stand-up comedy
  • creating songs out of thin air
  • comfort working with other actors creatively and on and on.

Our techniques open the door to creative imagination and freedom for the artist, whether it’s dramatic, funny, intense, light or any style in between.

We teach without criticism. As we’ve discovered at The Acting Center, removing criticism from the training of actors gives them the safety to create art in a way that is daring and fun. We encourage the actor to create and create and create, and as a result, find their own voice. Artists trained in this manner are unshakeable and at the same time, totally open to collaboration.

The goal is creative imagination unleashed. This is now achievable for any actor. This class can open wide the doors of imagination and ability in a way no other class can.

It’s a safe, non-judgmental and professional environment where every actor can discover for themselves new levels of certainty and confidence in their own creative ability. This is imagination unleashed, not “survival of the wittiest.”

We look forward to seeing you here.

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Get Started Acting at The Acting Center

Improv Class at The Acting Center - Veronica Burgess - You can do anything with improv

Improv Class at The Acting Center - Makenna Timm - It's Amazing

Below is an example of an improvisational piece called ‘The Harold’.
Multiple improv techniques are used to share different viewpoints of one audience inspired theme.
Students studying at The Acting Center will learn these and other improvisational techniques.
(Performed by Interplay.)

The Harold as Performed by Interplay