Why The Acting Center is the Best Acting School in Los Angeles, CA

There is an idea out there that being a great actor takes not only a great many years, but a great deal of grueling self-inspection. We know what it’s like to struggle with acting classes that offer more criticism than hope. Maybe you’ve gotten frustrated and given up your goals because the technique is too confusing and doesn’t make sense.

You may have gone from what was thought to be the best Los Angeles acting classes to the next hoping that it would really be “the one”; the one that would teach you the true art of acting; the one that would help you rediscover that original feeling you used to get when you thought about acting. Then, after a short time, you discovered that this next teacher was another “acting guru” judging you and your life, making you feel as if you couldn’t possibly make it without them asking yourself which is the right acting school for you?

“I have a new certainty on the craft of acting. I walk into an audition room or film set differently. I booked three of the biggest jobs of my life soon after starting this class. This is truly an artistic revolution in the making.” R.B.

“I feel like the class improved my ability to audition because I don’t have this worry of not being prepared enough. I booked a lead role in a feature film and did my own stunts! I don’t criticize myself when I am performing anymore.” J.S.

“Opens not ‘another’ door to acting—opens ‘the’ door to acting.” J.G.

“I’ve regained the fun and freedom of acting. There is so much joy and freedom in this.” I.R.

“Since starting at the Acting Center, I’m able to observe characters, both in life and in film, theatre and television, and create them again immediately. My range has expanded tremendously!”


“It’s amazing – this method really gets me to think in the character’s world instead of just the written words on the page.” E.J.

“I’m on set in Winnipeg. Shoot is going well! It’s really remarkable to me how much my ability has expanded in a relatively short time. It’s also very evident how class and the exercises have cultivated my ability, now that I am applying them professionally. Thank you all!” I.R.

“This class is the most ideal class I’ve ever been in! I’m learning and obtaining skills that I’ve never known or had before! I’ve never felt so safe in an acting class. I’ve gained so much confidence and assurance in my acting, more than I’ve ever had. I love all the teachers also!” A.W.

“The difference between this technique and others is that the gold is in the simplicity. It’s not some psychological trip inward, it’s a safe place to mess up because there is no criticism.” A.C.

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“Man! You all have created a nirvana for actors: No B.S. This technique is easier, richer and more effective than anything else out there.” G.M.

“The mining of humanity that these exercises teach you is the deal. This is why I became an actor to express this humanity. I never really had the tools. Now I know I can do this! I am very excited!” B.C.

“I became an actress because of the amazing feeling I get when I perform. It’s so freeing and it’s so powerful. You can communicate whatever you want. And somehow, between the time I decided to start professionally acting in L.A., and now, I stopped loving it. I didn’t get that feeling anymore. I’ve been to so many classes and been told so many rules to follow, and learned so many techniques. Finally, today, for the first time in a really long time, I felt the way about acting that I felt when I first started. That first time I put a scene up. That amazing, awesome rush of being completely immersed in your art. I had lost that feeling in all the crap I was THINKING about. I was THINKING about how to act, instead of just ACTING.” Y.P.

“I realized how simple acting is supposed to be. I feel like I honestly regained my ability as an actor—not a puppet of some sort. I’m having an excellent time.” D.C.

“The exercises were tremendously important in that they extracted things I always wanted to do as an actor and now I have cut through the clutter and can just create!” N.G.

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“I am continually amazed and so thrilled after each class at how I am growing and gaining abilities as an actress in such a short time. This school ROCKS!!!!!” E.J.

“I look at acting now much like I did when I first wanted to become an actor. It was to have fun and create and communicate a character and story—to really say something through the character I became. It got weird along the way and psychological and that didn’t make it fun— it made it anxious and something else. So now I’m back to how I know it should be for me as an actor and this is very special indeed. Thank you. I love this class and look forward to the journey ahead.” V.P.

“I feel that I have incredible tools that I can use as an actor and have more certainty and confidence as an actor, performer, artist, etc.” K.D.