Oct 10

Yahoo Finance Tips Its Hat to The Acting Center Students’ “The Dick & Jane Show”

Internet Sensation Delivers Laughs, Hits, and Blue Popcorn Balls Will Screen at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival, November 3rd

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwire – 10/26/10) – YouTube has brought us dancing guinea pigs, drunken rants and karate-kicking babies. And now it’s given us another phenomenon, The Dick and Jane Show. Since its debut episode, which averaged around 85,000 hits, this quirky comedy has quickly gained a cult following of the adventures of a husband and wife in an idealized suburban 1960s. And with eight episodes already under its belt, The Dick and Jane Show has proved it’s no flash in the web with the launch of the second season on November 2nd, with new episodes every three weeks.

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Oct 10

Friday Salons Still Sensational!

Friday is the night at The Acting Center! Another sensational scintillating salon subjugated its viewers to laughter, merriment and awe!

Just look at the photos!

Oct 10

Nicolai Dorian does Let Me In

Nicolai Dorian, Acting for Young Adults and Teenprov student at The Acting Center gets interviewed on the red carpet for his new movie Let Me In.

Check out the video clip, he’s at 5:23 in this segment.

Aug 10

First of Friday Night Salons a Smash!

The first Friday Night Salon at The Acting Center was a smash! Monologues, songs and improv were the fare at The Acting Center Theater. A salon is an informal assemblage of artists who come together to perform.

The Salons will continue each Friday through the 20th of August. Come join us!

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Jun 10

Beth Riesgraf – Leverage – Season 3

Join our advanced scene study student Beth Riesgraf for a third season of Leverage!

(She’s the blonde, second from the left!)

Jun 10

Tait Ruppert – Go Daddy 2010 Commercial Contest

We are proud of our improv teacher’s success with the Honorable Mention winning commercial for GoDaddy.com. Check out this funny commercial with a very funny man, Tait Ruppert!

How Do Websites Work

Click this link to the video!

May 10

Michael Covino, The Misunderstoods and Glee!

Michael Covino and The Misunderstoods are at it again! Check out their promo video for an iPhone App connected with the show, “Glee.” This upbeat music video stars our own Nick Lane and Ryan Bachand. Look for a cameo by Michael wearing his Big Assed Chain from his T-Pain contest win.

And yes, Nick is the actor from “House” episode “The Jerk.” If you haven’t seen it, check it out on YouTube.

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May 10

Erika Christensen on Last Call with Carson Daly

Erika Christensen on Last Call with Carson Daly, talks about character, kids, music, grandma and “Mercy”

Where does she study?? Check it out!

Erika Christensen on Carson Daly video clip

May 10

Dick and Jane’s 5th Episode “Big Beavers of America!”

Our students and staff, Katie Dean and Elvis Winterbottom, just released their 5th episode of their comedy web series, The Dick & Jane Show. In this episode, Dick played by Elvis Winterbottom, is about to enter a Yo Mamma contest at the local lodge. Jane, played by Katie Dean, will do anything in order for her man to win. But so will all the other wives. So who will be the victor?

Also starring in this episode is Sevier Crespo, Jessica Drolet, Houston Graham, Dan Jablons, Jorjeana Marie, Tamra Meskimen, and Bodhi Elfman. Edited by Michael Klaumann.

We now take you to the lodge of The Big Beavers of America…

May 10

Impromptu Improv at ShowBiz Expo – Jim Meskimen & Tait Ruppert

ShowBiz Expo

This past weekend, The Acting Center and staff were delighted to have a booth at our first Showbiz Expo. We met a lot of great actors and creative people of all kinds—writers, casting agents, directors, producers and more. It was a fun experience made even more entertaining by an impromptu performance by our own Jim Meskimen & Tait Ruppert, who improvised some songs at our booth. Check out their funny video and we will see you at ActorFest in the fall.