What’s the difference between a working actor and one who isn’t?

In one-on-one coaching sessions with an expert Acting Center Consultant, you’ll find out what’s standing between you and the career you desire. Information that takes most actors years to piece together.

The Acting Center has trained and consulted countless actors—from beginners to industry professionals—helping them achieve success in the industry. Whether you want to do theater, television or movies, we’ll help you map a path using proven techniques gained from years of experience.

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What are actors saying about this service?


“I had my first career counseling session with The Acting Center a few weeks ago and the positive effects have been ripping through my career in many ways. The session was empowering – giving me tools and ideas to utilize as opposed to simply telling me what to do. I have cut out other (business) avenues that were distracting to my acting career. A few days ago I had a callback for a leading role in an episodic and know that my new confidence (along with the Acting Center acting exercises) had a big part to play in that.” –CE


“I definitely got a lot out of meeting with you. I did get what I needed as I ended up applying for and signing with a top commercial agency, and things are going fantastic right now. I feel very on track and feel like I’m killing auditions and being called back into the same offices which is also great! And it is definitely partly due to using the The Acting Center technique which I love also!” –EC