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The Acting Center - The New School for Actors

The Acting Center has trained and consulted countless actors—from beginners to industry professionals—helping them achieve success in the industry. Whether you want to do theater, television or movies, we’ll help you map a path using proven techniques gained from years of experience.

Complete Package

Get over a year of The Acting Center’s industry leading classes, career consulting and private coaching.

This package includes:

  • Scene Study — 8 months (8 classes per month)
  • Commercial Intensive (8 classes in two weeks)
  • Audition Intensive (8 classes in two weeks)
  • Improv 101 — 4 Months (16 classes each)
  • 6 hours career consulting
  • 2 hour private coaching

The Complete Package Price:

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You save $1000.00. Best discount we offer!

Career Consulting Price:

Call for pricing.  You can select what you’d most like help with.

  • Ask about our International Student Services.
  • We offer Skype Coaching for out of town students.

Pro Package

This package contains all earlier packages plus the topics below the pro actors needs or a beginner needs to know to become a pro.

Topics include:

  • Learn how to create and update your IMDb page.
  • How to be self-motivated.
  • Making your own videos or films.
  • Plan of action for agent & manager meetings.
  • How social media impacts your image and “bookability.”
  • How to use the connections you already have to get new jobs.


Get two months (16 classes) of the best acting training around (scene study) at The Acting Center.

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You save $300.00.
6 hours career consulting, 2 hours privates & 2 months scene study class.

Career Consulting at The Acting Center

Career Package

This package contains The Starter Package plus:

Demo Reels

  • What should you include on a reel?
  • How long should your reel be?
  • What do agents, managers and casting directors look for in a reel?
  • How do you get footage for your reel if you don’t currently have any?

Other topics include

  • Have an agent but not going out? Now what?
  • Online tools and apps to use for your success.
  • How to promote yourself to industry pros.
  • How do you get submitted for jobs without an agent?

Preparing a monologue

  • Help in picking out the right monologue to perform for Agents and Managers.
  • A 2-hour one-on-one coaching session to improve your confidence in performing your monologue.


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You save $120.
6 hours career consulting + 2 hours privates

Starter Package

Everything you want to know about agents and managers

  • How to get representation.
  • What’s the difference between the manager’s job and the agent’s job?
  • Should you try and land a “big-time” agent or is a smaller agent better?

Get the inside track on unions

  • What are the various entertainment unions and how do they help you?
  • When should you join SAG?
  • How do you get your SAG card?

Learn pro tips on headshots

  • How to get a headshot that gets your work.
  • Why do some headshots get attention and others get ignored?
  • How to choose the photographer that is best for you.

Preparing an effective resume:

  • How to compose a resume.
  • What kind of class is best for you?

Acting Classes

  • Is it important to be in an acting class?
  • What kind of class is best for you?

Putting your personal promotion package together

In a one-on-one session, you’ll discover what’s stopping you from having the career you want — and how to overcome the obstacles you’re facing.

We’ll also review your Agent/Manager submission package, (headshot, resume, submission letter) and provide real-world advice on how to make it the best it can be.

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You save $50

Career Consulting at The Acting Center

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What are actors saying about this service?

“I had my first career counseling session with The Acting Center a few weeks ago and the positive effects have been ripping through my career in many ways. The session was empowering – giving me tools and ideas to utilize as opposed to simply telling me what to do. I have cut out other (business) avenues that were distracting to my acting career. A few days ago I had a callback for a leading role in an episodic and know that my new confidence (along with the Acting Center acting exercises) had a big part to play in that.” –CE

“I definitely got a lot out of meeting with you. I did get what I needed as I ended up applying for and signing with a top commercial agency, and things are going fantastic right now. I feel very on track and feel like I’m killing auditions and being called back into the same offices which is also great! And it is definitely partly due to using the The Acting Center technique which I love also!” –EC