Justin Bieber Tweets About Mischievious Studios ‘Justin Bieber – Boyfriend Parody’

Justin Bieber recently caught wind of Mischievious Studios ‘Justin Bieber – Boyfriend Parody’ and tweeted about it and posted it on his Facebook wall! Since then the awesomely funny video has exploded with over 530,000 views to date! Nick Lane (The Acting Center Alum) of Mischievious Studios writes “We can die happy now…” Starring in the video are The Acting Students/Alums: Collin Levin as Justin, Tamra Meskimen as the mom, Nick Lane as the police officer, Suzie Riemer, Mecca White and Avalon Peterson as the Biebettes.

Check it!

Update 14 May 2012: The video just went over 2 million views!
Update 28 July 2012: The video just surpassed 10 million views!!!