Live At The Acting Center

What IS Live @ TAC?

Live @ TAC is what the world needs more of–intense, high dosages of ART!


Music, dance, theater, comedy, sketch, improv, monologue and previously undiscovered forms of performance.


Today, we don’t need more CGI, more SFX, more AI, more slick, overproduced, approved, sponsored or sanctioned communication from pseudo-humans.  We need something genuine that resonates with our own core emotions, whatever they might be.


Live @ TAC is spur of the moment, yet prepared.  Spontaneous, yet rehearsed.  Unpredictable, yet…unpredictable.


If you are an artist of any kind, (even a kind no one has invented yet except for you) you are welcome to come and be a part of Live @ TAC.


If you are a seeker, a wonderer, a dabbler, a fan, an enthusiast, even a closet critic, come and participate by the witnessing the once-in-a-lifetime celebration of pure ART that is Live @ TAC.


Life will never be the same.  Don’t miss it.

Art is freedom of expression.  Join us for some LIVE art!

Saturday, February 29th, 2020


Admission $5


14801 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks CA  91403