The Acting Center - Inside_Industry Professional Series
Find out from seasoned professionals in
The Acting Center’s “Inside the Industry Professional Series”

The Acting Center would like to welcome you to our Inside the Industry Professional Series where we speak with top professionals in their fields about their career successes, how they broke out or were discovered, secrets of their career longevity and much more.  

Hosted by America’s Got Talent star,  Jim Meskimen.

The Acting Center’s interview with Seth Green, recognized as the ultimate multi-tasked simultaneously working on multiple film and TV projects as an actor and as a creator/executive producer/writer. Seth will discuss his beginnings as a child star to his current status as funny, scene-stealing actor. Discover Seth’s secrets to a long, prolific and very creative career.

 … This Emmy and Annie Award winning performer has worked with Woody Allen (Radio Days), Seth MacFarlane (Dads and Family Guy—Seth is the voice of Chris Griffin) and is the star, co-creator, voice talent, writer and sometimes director of Robot Chicken. Green also starred in feature films the Austin Powers trilogy, Can’t Hardly Wait and TV’s Buffy the Vampire SlayerGreg the Bunny and Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, among many others.


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