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Amanda Reed
Amanda_Rogers Student Spotlight

“The Acting Center helps an artist discover their own unique voice and then helps them to strengthen it, rather than be molded into another person’s idea of who they should be. And for an actor that is everything.


-|Amanda Reed, actress

With two feature films hitting the festival circuit and a host of recent TV bookings (Brooklyn Nine NineInstant MomHow I Met Your Mother and Rake with Greg Kinnear), Amanda Reed’s confidence in what she’s learned at The Acting Center has never been higher.


“The Acting Center’s technique is based on skill; learning the skill, practicing the skill and helping the actor actually use it. It’s effective for me because it helped me get out of my head, out of my own way and really start creating the characters and ideas that I’ve always wanted to, but didn’t know I could.I also learned what acting actually IS.

Acting isn’t about learning my lines, or about “beats,” or picking a “hot choice.” It’s about getting to that magical place where I am BEING another person and living as that other person.

With what I’ve learned at The Acting Center, I can do that every time.”


Having been involved in musical theater as a child and always acting in one form or another throughout her life, there came a time when Amanda was very disillusioned and confused. The Acting Center helped her get back on the path she had always wanted to travel.


“I was on the verge of giving up acting when I got to The Acting Center. I didn’t know how to deliver my unique voice as an actor and I was heavily controlling and critical of my performances. I was going nowhere. 

The Acting Center gave me the tools to do my job, a place to continue to get better and experiment with new ideas and it gave me my confidence back.” 


Amanda also echoes what many other successful actors who study at The Acting Center have shared, which is that there is no criticism from a teacher who is trying to mold you, but rather pure encouragement to create what you choose.


“In other classes it’s usually all about you working on material outside of class, putting it up in front of the class and then getting critiqued from the teacher. I always had a hard time with this kind of teaching. I was left to my own devices to practice, no guidance given, and then I was asked to change things when I did it on stage because the teacher saw it differently. 

It made me doubt myself and latch on to the teacher’s ideas, and become “loyal” or “obligated” to him and his class. However, this never gave me confidence in my own skill. I was just left with feeling that after all that work I still didn’t know what to do. 

At The Acting Center, that doesn’t exist. It’s about the actor and their work, their confidence, their skill. Not someone’s opinion.”


Whether in an audition, or when working with a director on set, Amanda can deliver. She doesn’t get nervous that she won’t be able to do what someone asks.


“I have the tools to know how to give the character needed for the story. I now can do what my job is: bring this character and their world to life, and live as them. I’m also willing to demonstrate my ability as an actor without worrying what someone thought about it.” 


At The Acting Center, every student works in every class. There is no shortage of stage time or feeling that they aren’t getting everything they can out of every class.


“With the exercises at The Acting Center, we are acting during the whole class, working the skills, creating 30-40 characters every time. We learn vital tools to help us think on our feet and deliver. The Acting Center is my playground where I can not only play, but also push myself to the next level.

The confidence I have isn’t because someone else told me I was right, it’s because I have experienced really being a variety of characters, working on my ideas, creating what I want to create, and doing the exercises in every class. I know that with The Acting Center, I have found the place that will help me continue to grow and succeed.”


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