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.April Billingsley 
April Billingsley

“While studying at The Acting Center, my art began to blossom. And, then I began booking.”

-April Billingsley (The Vampire Diaries, Drop Dead Diva,
The Mentalist, Last Vegas)


Actress April Billingsley had taken many acting classes but it wasn’t until she began studying at The Acting Center in Los Angeles that things came together for her in her auditions, and on set.


“I think that The Acting Center’s technique is so intrinsic to an actor’s intuitive process that it is hard to imagine not using what we do in class for auditions and work on set. It is definitely a departure in a very good way from some of the classes I have taken in the past. A big part of The Acting Center’s technique is practicing becoming different characters in different emotions instantaneously and, as I think many actors would agree, this is incomparably useful.”


Useful indeed. This month April not only appears in an episode of “The Mentalist” on CBS, she also has a feature film premiering at the SxSW festival, called “The One” and has two commercials running. Later this year we will also see her in the Jon Turteltaub (“National Treasure”) directed “Last Vegas,” starring Robert
DeNiro, Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline and Mary Steenburgen.

Feeling like she can enter in and out of character at her own will and create memorable characters is just one of the tools April has learned.


“Before studying at The Acting Center, there was a mystique that surrounded great performances to me. And, I thought that becoming a character completely was this magical thing that sometimes I could tap into, but I didn’t know how to get to all the time. Soon after I began studying at The Acting Center, the veil began to lift. A performance where I was living as the character was no longer magical, but a product of the right kind of work, practice and research. And, I stress “the right kind” because I’ve been in a lot of other acting classes, that while good and helpful in some ways, many if not most of them seemed to put the emphasis on the wrong aspects of the work. They put me in my head, thinking about what I was doing, instead of just encouraging me to do and to be the character completely, to live as them.”


April splits her time between Atlanta and Los Angeles and when she is in town, she always comes to class at The Acting Center.


“At The Acting Center students spend much more time actually working on their craft than in other classes. We spend most of the class acting and a part of the class watching, as opposed to the other way around. I think all the extra time actually working helps us to grow as artists at a much faster pace than we would have the opportunity to do in another class. Also, I love it that at TAC every student has an opportunity every class to perform in front of others.“


April credits The Acting Center for helping her go deeper in her work and also being able to go in and out of character at will.


“One of my favorite parts about The Acting Center’s technique is that it teaches you not only how to become a character completely, but also how to snap in and out of characters and their different emotions quickly. Now, not only do I feel my work as an actor has become deeper and more authentic, but there is a clear separation between what my characters are going through and doing and who I am. I love that!”

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