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.Cady McClain
Cady McClain

“I was on the verge of quitting… The Acting Center actually saved me as an actor.”

 -Cady McClain, Actress & Two-Time  Emmy Award Winner

 Cady  McClain is a two-time Emmy award winner. While she is best known for her work on All My Children and As the World Turns, Cady has starred in  numerous roles in film, television and off Broadway shows. Her  enthusiasm for performance carries over to music where she has recorded  two albums. She’s been making art since she was a child and has found  her creative home at The Acting Center where the technique has given her  “total freedom.”


“Total freedom! There is no strict technique or guru with  all the answers. The exercises liberate you to find your own, unique  expression using your imagination, not someone else’s idea of what is  “right.” The Acting Center actually saved me as an actor. Seriously, I  was on the verge of quitting because I was finding acting so painful  using my old method-based technique. Now I love acting more than I ever  have, which is really saying something.  I feel proud of what I can do,  and find it INCREDIBLY FUN.”


Since studying at The Acting Center, Cady has learned not to listen to  her inner critic, whether at an audition or on set, and the exercises  she’s learned help to freely develop a character using both her  imagination and the script.


“I acknowledge that I have one, but now that I know to  simply ignore those voices, I don’t have to get caught up in them as  much. Because of this, my craft is now clearer to me, meaning I can  identify my art as separate from the inner critic and keep true to it,  no matter what else is going on in my head. I have also discovered that  my acting imagination is something that is immediately accessible and  can be put into instant practice. Being able to instantly come up with  characters or be able to take notes from a director and adjust on the  fly is incredibly useful. I don’t judge a note or an audition now. I  look for the opportunity to be creative, to play.”


Cady’s confidence has skyrocketed and her willingness to demonstrate her ability couldn’t be higher. She plans to continue to work hard and use  what she has learned to keep on going with her successful career, all  the while feeling completely certain about her technique.


“The Acting Center is about discovering the actor you know  you can be, developing that artist, and then taking your work out into  the world to create the career you desire. There is nothing like knowing what you can do and then doing it in front of a camera or an audience.  It’s one of the greatest feelings in the world. The Acting Center has  given that back to me, and I am so grateful.”



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