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Freya Tingley - The Acting Center Student Spotlight

“The Acting Center’s technique is

profound and revolutionary!”

– Freya Tingley (Once Upon a Time, Hemlock Grove)


Australian-born actress Freya Tingley, finds the technique she’s learned at The Acting Center to be invaluable in her work. In addition to starring in the critically acclaimed Netflix original series, Hemlock Grove, Freya just booked a recurring role on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, and is currently filming the feature film Swelter.

“It’s not only a freeing technique but it’s an applicable technique allowing the actor to apply the skills they have learned in class to absolutely any project. The actor loses any inhibiting thoughts allowing them to simply be a character in an imagined moment of reality.”

Having studied with The Acting Center since 2006 when she would fly back and forth from Australia to study the technique on school breaks, Freya uses what she’s learned at every audition. Judging by how much work she books, it’s clearly paying off.

“The Acting Center helps me apply what I’ve learned in class to any audition that comes up! In addition, you build upon and expand your set of skills by discovering for yourself what works and doesn’t work, allowing you to bring these skills to set.”

Having studied with The Acting Center since 2006, Freya appreciates the freedom she is allowed to create without criticism and encourages fellow actors to experience what she has.

“At The Acting Center, students acquire the skill to be able to make their own strong choices and as a result have free and total artistic expression. You’d be insane if you didn’t study here! The Acting Center’s technique is profound and revolutionary!”

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