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.Nicolas Suter
Nicolas Suter - Student Spotlight

Acting Center student Nicolas Suter is a working actor. He is also 14 years old. Every time we turn around we are seeing his face in national commercials for brands such as Twix, Comcast and Walmart. We caught up with Nicolas and asked him about the Acting for Young Adults class and how it’s helped him get his career off to a running start.


Q) You have been studying at The Acting Center for over three years. What do you enjoy the most about the class?

A) I enjoy how creative it lets me be, and how much I can be myself… whatever that is on that particular day. It’s also nice to have a place where what you create doesn’t matter; you can go in that class and just feel free to let loose.

Q) What have you learned from The Acting Center that you use in auditions and on set?

A) I have learned how to break down characters, using the script as well as the character breakdown the director gives me. I’ve also learned how to use the script to convey the feelings and emotions of the character and not just say the words.

I also realized how to focus in my auditions. Sometimes when you go into the room, people are talking and whispering to each other, coffee mugs are flying all over the place and the casting director is talking at 1000 MPH. It can be easy to get distracted, but The Acting Center taught me that it’s best to simply be yourself, calm down, not rush yourself, and then go into character. Even if you’re doing it very slowly, if that’s how you feel the character is doing it, then that’s how you do it. Go at your OWN pace.

Q) What is the most valuable thing you have discovered at The Acting Center?

A) I’ve learned I can be whoever I want to be, however I want to be, wherever I want to be. I’m able to walk into an audition room, with confidence that I’m going to be the character in my own way. I’m not anxious about “doing it wrong,” or that “someone else did it better,” or having any “demons in your head,” is truly quite empowering.

Q) What would you say to other young actors looking for a great class?

A) The Acting Center is an awesome place where you can study acting, and do it how YOU want to do it. It’s one of the most fun, exhilarating, and simple techniques and classes. At every audition I’ve ever booked, I used The Acting Center’s technique down to the letter!

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