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Richard Gleason

“The Acting Center allows a swift and true realization of one’s vision and capabilities as an artist.”

-Richard Gleason, actor

As an actor, Richard has five feature films being released in 2013. Last year he appeared in N.C.I.S. and Two Broke Girls and will appear soon in Criminal Minds on CBS. As a writer/director Richard has just completed his second short film; The Last Day, in which he plays one of the lead roles alongside Zoe Bell and Khalif Boyd (both alumni of The Acting Center.)

We asked Richard why this technique works for him and is an integral part of his success.


The Acting Center technique gets to the heart of the acting process; being someone else. The drills at The Acting Center underscore this important first component with precision and enough repetition so that one can re-discover anew what made them want to be an actor in the first place.”


With as many auditions as Richard has on a weekly basis, we asked him how he has been assisted by what he has learned.


I use the technique of how to extract a detailed description of the character from the script I’ve been given, which gives a richer and more playable personality profile than the ‘breakdowns’ usually do. Armed with that, I then utilize the techniques of getting behind the thought pattern of each line as the character, so lines are arrived at organically and memorization becomes almost effortless.”.


Being a veteran of the industry and having studied with some renowned schools, we wanted to know what makes The Acting Center ……different to Richard?


“I’ve been in what have been considered the ‘great’ acting classes both in LA and in New York, and every bit of work I presented was subject to some ‘authority’ teacher’s viewpoint.



The ‘no critique’ policy of The Acting Center allows a swifter and truer realization of one’s vision and capabilities as an artist. I’ve seen this in my own progress and in the rapid advancement of first time actors who study this technique. What is most important is self confidence in what one is delivering which is almost impossible to achieve when trying to satisfy some other person’s criteria.”



With so many classes and techniques, so much information out there for actors trying to decide the best places to study, Richard feels certain that The Acting Center is the best place for anyone.



“This is the purest technique available for an understanding of the principles of acting. This technique will help rid yourself of bad habits and find your true voice as an artist.”



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