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Sevier Crespo

“Since studying at The Acting Center, my career has changed dramatically. It’s 100% Night and Day.”


-Sevier Crespo, actor and Producer

Since beginning at The Acting Center, Sevier has gained the confidence to truly believe in himself and has turned that into a springboard for action and success. As an actor and independent filmmaker, Sevier has gained a reputation as the man who can get films done. After starting at The Acting Center, Sevier created a production company, New Slant Productions, and has since acted in and produced over five feature films in a relatively short time.


His film Pendejo starred Danny Trejo and won “Best American Comedy” at the New York International Film Festival. The Culling, which stars Jonathan Schaech, was a highly anticipated horror release for 2013 and his most recently completed thriller, Magdalena, comprises a cast and crew of fellow Acting Center students. In addition, Sevier has recurring roles on three successful web series including The Stafford Project, which TV Guide recently called, “Brilliant!”


Sevier shared what he learned and continues to apply from The Acting Center that helps him in his creative endeavors.


The Acting Center has taught me to fully be an artist, to believe in myself as an artist, and those are some of the most powerful abilities I’ve acquired which have helped me in all aspects of film making.

“With Producing, my ability to read and look at projects from different points of view (producer, writer, actor, audience member) has increased to a new level. I can see everything at once and with that comes the ability to make it happen with no fear.”


Sevier no longer criticizes himself or second-guesses his choices. He relies on that confidence to do his job and deliver what is needed for each project. He doesn’t struggle with a director’s notes nor does he get nervous in auditions or on set.


As an actor I can create my character without having attention on knowing the lines, or wondering if something is good. The drills at the Acting Center have taught me to prepare by creating the character, and then unleashing that character to the fullest by living and having a true experience. I can be in a room and have anyone tell me to do it 100 different ways and I can, without fear or doubt. I can listen to the director as well as interact with other actors confidently. I know that if something else is needed I’ll be able to create it on the spot and that is one of the most valuable skills I learned from The Acting Center.


Having studied at other schools for many years before coming to The Acting Center, Sevier was used to being told by someone else what he should do, or how the character should be. He had become reliant on others to validate what he did and often felt that things he did weren’t valuable.


“At The Acting Center, I don’t get evaluated on how the character should have been or told what I did wrong. Nobody gives me opinions or critiques that make me feel unsure or worried about something. I leave every class invigorated and motivated to go out there and work. I’m in a place that gives me total freedom to create, and be, and play. That is the most incredible feeling as an artist.”


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