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.Ernest Thomas
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“The Acting Center was revolutionary for me because The Acting Center simply says…’BE.’

– Ernest L. Thomas, Actor


Ernest L. Thomas has more than 30 years of achievement in theatre, television and film. Starring in the popular ABC television series, What’s Happening! was the first in a long string of successes for him. From film roles in Funny People with Adam Sandler and Spike Lee’s Malcolm X, to co-starring on the TV series Everybody Hates Chris, he has continued to bring talent and professionalism to everything he does for years.

Having studied at other schools before, Ernest described the technique he practices at The Acting Center as “Direct. Straight with no chaser,” allowing him to stay in the moment, be challenged and stay fresh. Ernest shared that the technique is “true, and potentially magical.” Those are not just words coming from Thomas, who is not only a successful actor, but a writer and producer and NAACP award nominee.

Ernest produces and stars in a sketch comedy show called Tha Misfitz, which he created. Being able to go in and out of character and change that character at his will is something Ernest truly values.

“The Acting Center helped me to be able to change the direction of the character I am being, without taking it personally. I know that the director or producer or casting agent isn’t the enemy. They simply want a specific way of doing things that will be better for the overall film, play or sitcom.”


Ernest has received numerous honors from congressmen, mayors, and clergymen for his outstanding work with various charities and for his ability to bring diverse groups together. When asked what he would say to potential students about studying at The Acting Center he had this to share:

“Do it. It strips you of all the “things” and “techniques” that are weighing you down and preventing you from becoming a successful actor. I can talk all day about The Acting Center, but the best thing to do is experience it for yourself. Seeing is believing.”

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