Amazing Salon and Killer Improv at June 21st Salon

The June 21st Salon was also our 101 class Improv recital. Congrats to the 101 Class!

We had some killer improv and amazing monologues and music.

Our performers were: Jeff Green, Jason Chacon, Lou Fossessca, Amanda Rogers, Dani Scott, Veronica Burgess, Inga Stamboltyam, Alison Hill, Elvis Winterbottom, Tana Hausch, Tamra Meskimen and Elvis Winterbottom as our Host, It was a great night of entertainment and we all had a lot of fun! There is really nothing like it in Hollywood.

The next one will be July 19th at 8PM.

TAFTA Talent of the Month

Mark Caligiuri

Mark Caligiuri - TAFTA Talent of the Month
Mark Caligiuri - TAFTA Talent of the Month

Check out who is talent of the month from the Australian Film and Television Academy! Mark Caliguiri, our Australian intensive-study student!!!!

Mark Caligiuri, an Australian with no prior acting experience came to LA and studied at The Acting Center for three weeks. He did career consulting, private coaching, all the classes he could including some improv, then we wrote, produced and shot two short films for him. All in three weeks!