Michael Covino, The Misunderstoods and Glee!

Michael Covino and The Misunderstoods are at it again! Check out their promo video for an iPhone App connected with the show, “Glee.” This upbeat music video stars our own Nick Lane and Ryan Bachand. Look for a cameo by Michael wearing his Big Assed Chain from his T-Pain contest win.

And yes, Nick is the actor from “House” episode “The Jerk.” If you haven’t seen it, check it out on YouTube.

The Misunderstoods $5,000 winner

A dynamic duo from NYC calling themselves “The Misunderstoods” have walked away with the First Place prize of $5,000 dollars in Smule’s “On A Boat” video contest featuring their I Am T-Pain app created for iPhone. We’re proud that half of the Misunderstood duo is Acting Center student Michael Covino!

In addition to the cash, the duo have been awarded the highly coveted “Big Ass Chain” that will immediately elevate them to epic status in New York.

Congratulations to the fresh new faces of iPhone royalty for 2010. Expect to see these two performing their underground hit on Saturday Night Live sooner than later. Yep!

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