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The Acting Center’s  revolutionary technique is now available online. Our online classes are the most interactive of any acting class anywhere. All actors work in every class. Expand your skills and stay ready.

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Online Scene Study

“I’m so glad to be doing The Acting Center Online Scene Study. I’ve been growing, learning and becoming so much more confident. I love coming to class and working with the amazing teachers and actors every week. The Acting Center has made is super easy and an overall great experience and I am super thankful. Can’t wait to see what’s next!” – J.G.

Audition Intensive

“This was beautiful. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. The Audition Intensive was so important to me. I got everything I signed up for and more. The great care you all took in supporting us during the experience was deeply appreciated and a profoundly unique quality in the training. I am so deeply grateful for this time and it was one of the wisest investments I’ve made in my education. Thank you.” -I.I.

Breakthrough Intensive

“I would tell anyone that the Breakthrough Intensive infuses you with so much creative energy and opens your eyes to the beauty in the world. It will make you more excited and connected to your work and give you a surge of confidence that your work is special and one of a kind. The things I learned in this class will stay with me for the rest of my career. This is the best acting school in the world!” – S.P.

Weekly Workouts

“These workouts make my night.  So inspiring.  It’s all coming together.  I really have learned to work quickly, but deeply. This is soooo liberating!!” – G.M.

Private Coaching

“Private Coaching at The Acting Center gave me the tools to inhabit a character to the point where I felt I was living and breathing as a different person. These are powerful tools that have benefited my work significantly.” – G.V.

Career Coaching

“I had my first Career Coaching session with The Acting Center a few weeks ago and the positive effects have been rippling through my career in many ways. The session was empowering – giving me tools and ideas to utilize as opposed to simply telling me what to do.” –C.E.